Our treatments and services

We start by talking through your history and progresses onto an investigation into how your lower limb functions. We will be looking closely for abnormalities and compensations. A treatment plan will then be devised which may be footwear advice, orthoses (insoles) or onward referral to physiotherapists/consultants as appropriate or necessary.

Full bio-mechanical assessment 60 mins £80.00


Over the counter orthoses £60.00

Casting and prescribing for custom made foot orthoses £90.00

Custom orthoses from £349.00 to include the prescribing process, fitting and a follow-up appointment

Second pair of custom orthoses from the same moulds £299.00

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Known as a surgical pedicure and is the complete MOT for your feet. It ensures your nails are cut and cleared dry cuticles removed, plantar hard skin debrided and corns enucleated. The end result is perfect feet. We give footcare advice during the appointment which will help keep your feet feeling smoother for longer.

New Patient Consultation 45 mins £65

After you’ve had your rst consultation you can then choose from the following appointments.

Repeat patient consultations:

30 mins £50

45 mins £65

60 mins £75

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 Verrucae (Initial consultation) 30mins £47 for 1-4 lesions

Verrucae (Initial consultation) 40 mins £50 for 5 plus lesions

Verrucae packages can be ordered after the initial consultation depending on the number of lesions and their size

Verruca dry needling £90.00

This is a one o treatment and performed under local anaesthetic to ensure the foot is completely numb. A hypodermic needle is used to repeatedly puncture the verruca. This pushes verruca tissue from the epidermis through into the dermis and into the underlying adipose tissue layer.

Once this process has been completed a simple dry dressing is applied. This must be kept dry for at least twenty four hours. A follow-up check is also included.

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Omega Low Level Light laser 30 mins £40.00

Omega Laser Systems is a specialist low level laser therapy (LLLT) which stimulates and optimises the body’s natural healing process through controlled application of specific wavelengths of light which have particular physiological effects.

Used primarily for wound healing, pain relief and soft tissue repair, it is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment.

Particularly good for Plantar Fasciosis (Plantar Fasciitis), heel pain, forefoot pain, Achilles tendinopathy, deep sore corns, verrucae.

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(Also known as onychocryptosis)

When conservative treatment of an ingrown toenail does not succeed or if the ingrown toenail is severe and infected, surgical management is often recommended.

Under local analgesia the initial surgical procedure involves the removal of the ingrowing section of the nail. Phenol is used to prevent re-growth.

Post operatively we use the Omega Laser at each dressing which helps excellerate the healing process and reduce pain.

•   Price quoted at initial consultation

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Clearanail® Micro-penetration treatment for fungal nail infections. Clearanail® – a simple solution for a complex problem.

Clearanail® is an innovative and brand-new concept that aids and improves the efficacy of the topical over the counter anti-fungal treatment’s.

The treatment involves drilling micro pathways through the nail plate – without penetrating the nail bed. One hundred small crevices are drilled into the nail which allow for the topical ‘anti fungal treatment to reach through the nail and onto the nail bed.

This in turn leads to clearing of the infection in a much shorter time and could prevent the need for oral anti-fungals.

60 mins £90.00 per nail

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Paying for your treatment.

If you are covered by health insurance or private medical care, we’ll be happy to provide you with a receipt or an invoice so you can claim back the fees for your treatments or products directly with them. Please note, we do not liaise with private medical or health insurance companies on your behalf.